I let Diffusion Stable draw a picture with chat GPT

The development of AI has been remarkable recently.
I asked Diffusion Stable to draw a picture in the trendy chat GPT, and played with it.
I think that usage such as giving instructions to AI with AI will continue to be popular in the future.

Ask AI for a picture that looks like a job

I couldn’t think of a picture that looks like a job, so I asked Chat GPT if there was a picture that looked like a job.
He gave me four suggestions!
 ・Pictures like stopping a clock ・Pictures
 like baking bread ・
 Praying hands together

I got an answer that I never thought of. it’s interesting.

ask for specifics

What is a picture that stops the clock? I
asked him specifically about the first picture that would stop the clock, and instructed him to create an English sentence for Diffusion Stable to write. very. I got back a long sentence.

Here is the English translation.

“This painting depicts a young woman in a black dress standing stoically with her legs spread by a clock tower, staring into the horizon. Her face is a mask of determination. , holding the sides of the clock tower with both hands, one hand slowly reaching over the clock tower as her determined gaze is enveloped in darkness against the bleak landscape. The posture implies that she is metaphorically in a timeless space, not just in the moment, but in the larger, overarching story. We are trying to stop it in some way."

It is a concrete content that reminds me of a woman desperately trying to stop time.
Sounds like she’s the kind of woman who doesn’t want the year to end. interesting idea.

Chat uses chat GPT on slack, so if you want to play, please check it out.

Let Diffusion Stable draw a picture.

I tried writing specific instructions for AI using Diffusion Stable.
“Painting that looks like a job" has become “Painting that stops the clock", creating a picture that looks like the end of the world.

I wrote it using Diffusion Bee on M1 MAC.
If you want to draw a picture in the same way, check out this article!https://algo-ai.work/2022/12/17/post-1502/


It’s interesting that people can draw a picture with just a little assistance, from the word “work-like" to the AI ​​giving specific instructions to handle AI.
In the future, AI may be further hierarchized, and art may be born from hierarchical AI manipulation, such as AI instructing AI and AI operating AI according to that instruction. I think it will be a world where various things are completed.
The last few years have seen the development of AI.

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