Try waifu on M1 MAC

I will show you how to use Waifu easily without programming on M1 MAC. Waifu is an image generation AI model that specializes in 2D paintings. I will show you how to use it easily without any difficulty. By specifying a custom model in Diffusion Stable, you can easily use it in the GUI.

Install Diffusion Bee

How to install Diffusion Bee is introduced in the past article. We have also introduced how to use a custom model, so this time just select WAIFU and use it.

model download

WAIFU ckpt file is below.

ckpt file and download it. This ckpt file will be the AI ​​model. In addition to WAIFU, many ckpt files are open to the public.

Select WAIFU

Start Diffusion Be, click the three lines in the upper right and select Setting. There is a Custom Models column in Settings, so you can easily try WAIFU by clicking Add New Model and selecting the ckpt file you downloaded earlier.

Press the Generate button to create the image.

List of models

A list of CKPT files. Since Stable Diffusion is an OSS, it’s amazing how democratized it is. I can’t wait to see how AI develops in the next few years.

  1. Stable Diffusion 1.5 Stability AI’s official release.
  2. Pulp Art Diffusion Based on a diverse set of “pulps" between 1930 to 1960.
  3. Analog Diffusion Based on a diverse set of analog photographs.
  4. Dreamlike Diffusion Fine tuned on high quality art, made by
  5. Openjourney Fine tuned model on Midjourney images.
  6. Amphibia Diffusion Based on Disney’s cartoon series.
  7. Arcane Styled after Riot’s League of Legends Netflix animation.
  8. Disco Elysium Styled after ZA/UM’s open RPG.
  9. Elden Ring Styled after Bandai Namco’s popular RPG.
  10. Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse Styled after Sony’s movie.
  11. Archer Styled after FX’s animated comedy.
  12. Red Shift Styled after high resolution 3D artworks.
  13. Classic Animation Disney Trained on screenshots from classic Disney.
  14. Modern Disney Styled after Disney’s more recent animations.
  15. Jinx Based on the character in Arcane.
  16. Vi Based on the character in Arcane.
  17. Cyberpunk 2077 Styled on the CD Projekt Red’s animation.
  18. Pixel Sprite Sheet Generator Generates Sprite Sheets to animate.
  19. Pixel Art V1 Self Explanatory.
  20. Pixel Landscapes Pixelated landscapes.
  21. All in one Pixel Art Both Pixel Art v1 and Landscapes combined.
  22. Micro Worlds An environment prompt on a square tile.
  23. Borderlands Styled after Gearbox’s Looter Shooter.
  24. App Icons Self Explanatory.
  25. Robo Diffusion Creates cool looking robots.
  26. Cyberware Mechanical body parts or objects.
  27. Mona Based on the character from Genshin Impact RPG.
  28. Starsector Portraits from Fractal Softworks' game.
  29. Comic Diffusion Western Comic style (OP’s post for guidance)
  30. Cenobite Model Halloween mask style.
  31. Sorrentino Diffusion Art style by Andrea Sorrentino.
  32. Papercut Paper craft style.
  33. JWST Deep Space Style on photos from James Webb Space Telescope and Judy Schmidt.
  34. Rotoscopee Styles from A Scanner Darkly) movie, Undone tv series), Tehran Taboo movie.
  35. Voxel Art
  36. Double Exposure Diffusion v1 & v2
  37. Supermarionation Based on Gerry Anderson’s stop motion movie.


We introduced how to easily use WAIFU on M1 Mac. It’s easy because you can use WAIFU just by entering text and clicking a button. I am creating an AI image collection. I draw pictures that do not exist in the world. If you are interested, please take a look.AI MediaImages are generated and published by AI. It is open to the public for free, so please feel free to use it. AI image…

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